How to Make your WordPress website into Multilingual website

Do you want to turn your WordPress website into a multilingual website? then you are in the right place. today I am going to show you a cool plugin that will do the job for you. Websites are visited from all over the world, and sadly, not everyone sets up a multilingual website. However, the Google Language Translator plugin is the best option in this case because it will translate a website from one language to another one, though most of the time it is not 100% perfect. Even so, a lumpsum translation is better than nothing.

If you what better translation accuracy for things like contracts, and memberships, service offers, you should hire someone to install and set up a multilingual plugin for you. Using an average translation like Google Translate is not ideal for every website, especially for those who have financial transactions. Today, I will show you how to add Google Translate to your WordPress website using a plugin like Google Language Translator.

WordPress website into Multilingual website

Today, I will show you how to add Google Translate to a WordPress website by installing the Google Language Translator plugin. This plugin is very popular for Multilingual websites and has 100,000+ Active Installations. You can install and set up this plugin very easily.

If you are in the dashboard, hove over the menu from the left side and click on the add new like the image below.

click add new

Now Search the plugin in the WordPress plugin shop like the image below. You will find so many plugins there, just install the right one from them.

search the plugin name

You will find the plugin at the top of the page. now click the “Install Now” button and activate the plugin for future use.

Now go to admin panel

Go to the admin panel where you should see an additional menu under the setting. Now select the Google Language Translator from there.

Now go to admin panel

Now check the box to activate it and then select all languages. English will be the default language, but if you can change it if you want.

check active and select all

Scroll down to the Floating Widget Settings section and check the box to allow it to translate. Now save changes.

Now check allow

Now click on the admin panel and hover over the  Appearance and click on the Widgets option. The widgets allow you to customize the website’s sidebars. Now drag and drop the Google Language Translator from the left side to the theme sidebar.

Now put the title and save it

Congratulations, you have successfully installed and turned your site into a multilingual website. A visitor will have to click on it and pick the desired flag from the language bar and the page will be translated.

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