Implement Reading Progress Bar in WordPress Posts

You may notice that some of the popular sites show a reading progress bar indicator at the top of their post or articles? this tiny bar shows users how much of the post is left to scroll and encourages them to continue reading. during this article, we’ll show you a way to implement the reading progress bar in your WordPress posts.

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Why you Should add Reading Progress Bar in your WordPress Site:

Users spend only a few seconds on a webpage before deciding whether to continue or leave your website. Keeping users engaged in your website becomes a little more tricky, if you post a long article, as they require users to scroll down.

Some website owner adds related posts, videos, or image galleries to stay users on their website or post.

A reading progress bar adds a touch user-interface enhancement that encourages users to scroll down. It also motivates users to end the article they’re reading.

Many popular websites just like the Daily Beast, use the reading progress indicators to interact with their readers. However, you furthermore may get to confirm that the reading progress indicator is subtle and doesn’t ruin the user experience on your site.

Here I will show you, how you’ll easily add a reading progress indicator for your WordPress posts.

How to set up Reading Progress Bar in WordPress Posts:

The first thing you have to install and activate The plugin. For more details, see our step by step guide how to install and set up the WordPress plugin.

after necessary activation, you have to go to the worth the Read» Reading Progress Bar» Select Post/Page/Homepage to implement the progress bar indicator.

First, you have to Select the worth the Read, then select where you want to show the progress bar.


There is a lot of options available there. just go through the plugins.

Most of the sites use the progress bar at the top, but you can use it anywhere. You can change it to display the progress bar on right, left, or bottom of the page.

The plugin allows you to choose the color based on the foreground and background colors of the progress bar to match with your WordPress site. The background color is applied to fill the empty progress bar and therefore the foreground color is going to be wont to show progress as a user scrolls down.

You can also include comments within the total length of the progress bar by checking the include comments option. If you’re including comments, then you’ll also choose a special background color for the comments progress area.

The last option on the page allows you to use a transparent background for the progress bar. Checking this feature will override background color options and only the foreground color is going to be displayed as users scroll down a piece of writing.

Click on the Save button to make necessary changes.

That’s all, you’ll now visit any single post on your website to discover the progress bar in action.

The progress bar will work with single posts/pages or with the Homepage.

We hope this text helped you add a reading progress bar indicator in WordPress. you’ll also want to ascertain our list of 10 WordPress plugins which will quickly assist you to get more traffic.

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